Our Company


MAHS is a Mozambican Airports ground handling service provider assisting aircrafts, passengers, cargo and mail in the airports of Mozambique. To pursue this goal the Company has its organizational Structure developed capable to deploy all required resources to feed the operations with qualified and certified personal equipped with the latest GSE Technology.


MAHS was established on 26th of July 2001 and started its operations on 15th September 2001 in Maputo and Beira airports. The company was founded by the Shareholders, LAM, PATS and ADM.


Provide a reputable ground handling services to support airlines, by delivering highest quality services, following the highest standards of the industry.


To become a reference as a reputable Ground Handling Organization delivering satisfaction to the Stakeholders.


  • Team Building Spirit

  • The client comes always first

  • On time performance

  • Social and environment awareness

Assisted Companies

At its inception in 2001 the MAHS started assisting 3 Companies namely: Mozambique Airlines (LAM), Airlines of Portugal (TAP) and South African Airways (SAA). Now, the Company has grown, assisting more airlines, such as Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, TAAG (DT), Air Mauricias (MK) and Others. The Company started the operations with 100 employees displaced in Maputo, Beira, Nampula and Nacala Airports, and presently we are over 400. We support narrow and wide body aircrafts carrying passengers, cargo and mail.


We provide man power, Ramp, Passengers, Cargo and Mail Services for scheduled and non-scheduled flights.
The Ramp operation is equipped with modern GSE such as main deck loaders, High-loaders, Push Backs, Ramp Luggage tractors, conveyor Belts, Buses, GPU's, ASU's, etc.


The staff is full trained in Airport Security, Dangerous Goods Handling and Passengers and Ramp Services, in accordance with the full program set by IATA and other Regulatory Authorities.