Our Business,

MAHS-Mozambique Airport Handling Services is a handling company operating in Mozambique, at Maputo and Beira stations, providing Ramp, Passengers, Cargo and mail Services to the airlines and others customers

The MAHS have adequate storage conditions for different types of Cargo.

The entire structure of the Company has been developed to be the answer for the demand of the airlines and their passengers.

Presently 8 Airlines flying in a regular schedules, are served by MAHS: The carries are: Mozambique Airlines (LAM), Airlines of Portugal (TAP), South African Airways (SAA), Qatar Airways, Kenya Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, TAAG (DT), Air Mauricias (MK) and Others.

The Ramp is equipped with modern main deck loader, Hi-loaders, Push Back, Ramp Luggage tractors, conveyor Belts, Buses, GPU's, ASU's and all GSE required to carry out secure operations.

The staff is full trained in Airport Security, Dangerous Goods Handling and Passengers Services.